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Creative Therapies Workshop



9.30am - 5pm

About the Course

Creative therapies help clients discover a form of expression beyond words or traditional talking therapy. This workshop is designed for counsellors and therapists who have experience of working with children and teenagers, but who are new to creative techniques or are looking to develop their own skills and creative toolkit. It is important for any therapist to experience how powerful a creative technique can be for themselves, before introducing it to a client. This workshop will demonstrate the contribution creativity can make to positive mental health and wellbeing for young people. By tapping into their imagination through art and creativity, the effects of traumatic memories and negative circumstances that affect the body, feelings and thoughts can be examined. Appropriate for counsellors working with any age. Experience the benefit of creativity both in your personal life and your work with clients.

Your Instructors

Rachel Eastop

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Rachel Eastop
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