Essential Skills Diploma
in Counselling Children and Young People

Our post-qualifying diploma course equips qualified counsellors with the essential skills, knowledge and abilities to work as child and adolescent therapists in a variety of settings.
The course is accredited with CPD Services. 
The course meets the BACP competency framework, and will provide you with an overview of child development, an understanding of the different types of counselling approaches that can be used with children and young people, and how to put these into practice. You will also learn about the ethical considerations involved in counselling children and adolescents.
The 8 online training modules provide an educational opportunity for both experienced and newly qualified counsellors. Click here to read more about the course modules. 
New Course Dates:

Friday 5 May 2023 - Attachment and Neuroscience

Saturday 6 May 2023 - Interrupted Attachment

Friday 2 June 2023 - Child Development and Transitions

Saturday 3 June 2023 - Play for Development

Friday 23 June 2023 - Working with Trauma

Friday 21 July 2023 - Assessments and Safe Ethical Practice

Friday 18 August 2023 - Multi-Agencies and Systems

Saturday 19 August 2023 - Storytelling and Endings

Cost: £600 (£100 Deposit, balance when course starts)

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