Essential Toolkit

Are you a qualified counsellor looking to upskill your practice to counselling children and young people?

Are you a qualified child and adolescent counsellor / psychotherapist looking for CPD?

We have designed an Essential Toolkit of training that adheres to the BACP competencies for working with children and young people (4-18 years).

Our toolkit will provide you with theory skill and techniques to work competently and safely with children and young people..

There are currently 10 topics to choose from.

1.   Attachments - secure and interrupted 0-25 years  

2.  Infant and Child development

3   Adolescent Development  

4.   Ethical Legislation-consent and confidentiality

5.   Childhood and adolescent trauma 

6.   Childhood mental health issues 

7.   Adolescent mental health issues 

8.   Developmental Play 

9.   Adolescent play 

10.  Helping children-and adolescents tell their story and find their voice 

11.   Solution Focusses and  Brief Interventions 

12.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with children and adolescents

13   Loss-bereavement 

14.   Endings

15.   Working within the care setting 

16.   School settings, Systems and Stakeholders 

17.    Safe clinical practice