Summative Assessment - Essay

  • Drawing on the theoretical and practical learnings, students are asked to prepare a 6000-word reflective assignment.

  • There will be a group project to complete and present.

  • Your work with then be assessed and validated; this process can take up to 4 months.



You will be required, as part of the course, to undertake a practice placement of 30 hours. It will be your responsibility to secure a placement. We will also require you to have clinical supervision of 1.5 hrs a month with a supervisor experienced in counselling children and young people. You are welcome to discuss this with your tutor.

Personal Therapy

Topics may arise during the course that could tap into unresolved childhood issues and learners are encouraged to seek personal therapy. More importantly, if you have never experienced counselling before, it is an essential requirement of the course that you undergo at least 10 hours of therapy. It is our belief that we cannot expect our clients to submit to a process we have not experienced for ourselves.

Learning Journal

To demonstrate your learning from the course we recommend you keep a Journal. This will not be read by the tutors, but for your own personal reflections.