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What do our students say about us?

"Although I was very wary about the format, the weekends were good and surprisingly interactive. I have used some creative activities already in my work."

"Very much appreciated the relaxed and encouraging approach to teaching.   I really enjoyed the weekend, thank you so much."

"I was apprehensive about continuing the course via Zoom; however, Moira and Rachel were able to address all our needs and create an excellent environment for learning on Zoom."

"Really enjoyable well-run course.  I thought I would lose something online, but I genuinely didn't. Thank you."

"The content has been really informative, interesting and insightful. Great expansion of topics that I was familiar with. Experiential learning has been really helpful."

"The balance between teaching on screen and breakout rooms was addressed and they got it just right, so students were fully engaged during the weekend and enjoyed having the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students despite the medium of Zoom." 

"Extremely informative, liked style of learning - good balance between PowerPoint and activities."

"Starting from a place of anxiety, I quickly felt that I belonged. Thank you."

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